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Jquery double or triple dropdown list

Here you can create a double or trple AJAX listbox:
AJAX listbox


E-mail form create

Here you can generate a common technique for form processing:
Go and start creating forms - E-mail form create

Demo form


Details page from mysql table

You can make details page with this generator.


Confirm page generator

With this generator you can make multy pages forms.

Confirm page generator

Form processor beta

Try this generator:


you can select many field types coming from your e-mail form.

Send your feedback about this generator.


Easy Mail generator



With this site you can generate a simple email form, with image activation and email syntax check, required fields can selected.

Updating multiple rows in mysql via checkboes


On this site you can make many-many relation between two tables. Or in other words: Updating multiple rows in mysql via checkboxes.

BBcode php helper


If you often write on forums, you can use this forum helper tool to cut down your code.
Test the bbcodes listed, and press generate. The bbcodes and the parameters will create phpcodes.
If you print: [bblinks] then the used php functions will be generated with the php manual's links :)

You can save the inserted code, and save the code to your friends, or post in forums...
Demo: http://phpcode.hu/forumhelper/index.php?id=10

Multiple Updater


With this generator you can make multiple updater for a mysql table.


Ajax listbox & insert generator


With this tool you can make an ajax listbox, and if you need to insert a new item this can insert it without a page refresh.